An Investment in Your App

Quantified Publishing offers a chance for you, the indie app developer, to sell your mobile app while still getting paid to improve and work on it as a freelancer! This can be the best of both worlds when you aspire to continue building your awesome game, but lack the interest, expertise or cash required to properly advertise it.

Have a unique, quality app that just isn’t hitting its stride? We are looking for innovative and driven indie app developers ready to turn an underperforming app into a success.

This unique opportunity offers a direct collaboration with Brian Bien, an ex-Googler and data scientist who understands how to advertise apps. As part of the contract, we would acquire the rights to your existing app; this is in exchange for payment to you, along with ad funding to promote the app, giving it a shot at success. You would continue to enhance and maintain the app as a freelancer, thus contributing to its new-found success. We would contribute advertising and other best practices. With this win-win collaboration, we hope to give your app a much better chance of success. You will continue the development and maintenance of your existing mobile application as a freelancer, and can maintain a strong influence over the direction and vision if desired.


  • At least one high-quality app in your portfolio that hasn’t yet achieved its potential

What You Get

  • Direct collaboration with Brian Bien, an ex-Googler who knows how to apply data science and machine learning toward app success outcomes
  • The satisfaction of seeing your app thrive and succeed in the marketplace
  • $500-$5,000 – depending on the specifics of the particular app and review of existing performance

If you’re prepared to take your app to new heights and work with a team that shares your vision, I would love to hear from you. Please email

Together, let’s create a success story!

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

– Brian Bien, founder of Quantified Publishing