An Investment in Your App

Quantified Publishing offers a chance for you, the indie app developer, to sell just a fraction of your mobile app, maintaining a majority stake in ownership! This can be the best of both worlds when you aspire to continue developing, but lack the interest and analytical expertise or funding required to properly advertise and monetize it. You should have a unique, quality app – we are looking for innovative and driven indie app developers ready to turn an underperforming app into a success.

This unique opportunity offers a direct collaboration with Brian Bien, an ex-Googler and data scientist. As part of the contract, we would acquire the rights to your existing app; this is in exchange for ad funding to promote the app, giving it a shot at success. You would continue to enhance and maintain the app as a freelancer or owner, thus contributing to its new-found success. We would contribute advertising and other best practices. With this win-win collaboration, we hope to give your app a much better chance. You will continue the development and maintenance of your existing mobile application, and can maintain a strong influence over the direction and vision.


  • A high-quality app in your portfolio that hasn’t yet achieved its potential
  • The ability and will to continue improving your app

What You Get

  • Direct analytics collaboration with Brian Bien, an ex-Googler who knows how to apply data science and machine learning toward app success outcomes
  • The satisfaction of seeing your app thrive and succeed in the marketplace
  • $1,000-$5,000 initial app advertising to promote your app, plus further advertising investments for successful apps

If you’re prepared to take your app to new heights and work with a team that shares your vision, I would love to hear from you.

Apply to PARTNER UP!

Together, let’s create a success story!

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

– Brian Bien, founder of Quantified Publishing